New film – HUMAN WILD teaser

Things are wild. My new film HUMAN WILD was planned to premiere spring 2020, but it is postponed due to Covid-19.

Now, we know for sure that we are not separated from the other animals. We are part of the animal kingdom, where viruses go both ways…


The new film Human Wild examines our relationship with the other animals. Six people are gathered in a class-like scenario to explore their original animal instincts. They study domestic animals as horses, pigs and others. Within their human pack, they have to figure out their rank, what instincts hold them together, and they discover new things about themselves. But when the humans meet a wolf pack and fear sets in, what happens then?

Human Wild is written and directed by Marthe Thorshaug

Length: 48 minutes
Format: Digital Cinema 4K
Sound: 5.1 surround

Sarah Jaggi
Martin Thorshaug
Inga Live Kippersund
Jon Arne Arnseth
Johanne-Margrethe Kippersund Nesdal
Philipp Stengele

Film premiere temporarily postponed due to Covid-19. More information coming soon!




More about HUMAN WILD here


Watch the Human Wild teaser: