A Shaggy Dog Story

Live scene at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, 2011

A Shaggy Dog Story goes like this:
The audience stands in the middle of the room, dimly lit by a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The door is locked.
They are going to meet a Wolfdog.
A Wolfdog is a hybrid between a wolf and a dog. A Wolfdog is neither classified as a wild wolf or a domestic dog.
The Wolfdog and his Wrangler enter the room. They encircle the audience four times; one round for each direction of the sky.
One round. Two rounds. Suddenly the light bulb shortcircuits. Then total darkness.
3 rounds. One can hear the Wolfdog`s breath and its clawes scratching the floor. The Wrangler has heavy footsteps, making a rythmic sound.
4 rounds. One can smell the Wolfdog strongly.
Then suddenly the Wolfdog and the Wrangler disappear.
The door opens and light seeps slowly into the room.

A glimpse of video documentation: