Pig Spirit

A film by Marthe Thorshaug

Original title: Åndsgriser
Year: 2014

Length: 9 minutes

Format: Digital Cinema 4K
Sound: Stereo
Dialog: Norwegian
Martin Thorshaug
Sarah Jaggi
Inga Live Kippersund
Heinrich Jung

Marthe Thorshaug

Christian G. Falch

Nerhagen Productions by Marthe Thorshaug

Financial support:
Norwegian Visual Artists Association


PIG SPIRIT premiered at an art show celebrating the 100-year anniversary of writer and musician Alf Prøysen at Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter 2014.


  • Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway, 2015
  • Prøysen, group exhibition, Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, Norway, 2014


Course participants try to learn pig behaviour. The pig might be the key in developing a better self-awareness. But the session fails when the participants exaggerate their luring methods, destroying harmony within the pig herd. Then everything is literally turned upside down.


PIG SPIRIT is inspired by the differences between man and animal, and the origin of art as a practice. In the film, the pigs are busy with their harmonious daily life, while the humans are too ambitious in their pig study, killing the harmony within the herd. Maybe this is where art is born: when harmony is destroyed, something totally new can emerge.

PIG SPIRIT is also a film tribute to the Norwegian writer and musician Alf Prøysen, who always crushed the distinctions between high and low culture. Alf Prøysen is for me an artist who constantly ruins the apparent idyll. And everything turns topsy-turvy. And maybe even more harmonious than before.

PIG SPIRIT features the pigs of owner Heinrich Jung in Flisa Norway, where the pigs roam freely outdoor over a huge territory.

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