The Wolfman

A film by Marthe Thorshaug

Original title: Dødselgen
Year: 2003

Length: 11 minutes

Format: DV

Lars Toverud
Sally Rundberget
Ole Hemseter
Øyvind Myhlvold
Agnar Ragnarsson
Anders Widoff

Director/ Script/ Cinematographer/ Editor:
Marthe Thorshaug

Bodil Furu

Hai Ngyen Dinh

Nerhagen Productions by Marthe Thorshaug


The Wolfman premiered at The Degree Show at The National Academy of Fine Arts, Stenersen Museum in Oslo 2003.

  • Unizone, National Touring Exhibitions Norway, 2005
  • BLICK, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2004
  • D-art, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway, 2003
  • The Wild; Predators, People and Nature, Virserums Konsthall, Sweden, 2003
  • Degree Show The National Academy of Fine Arts, Stenersen Museum, Oslo, 2003


Witnesses have seen unfamiliar scenarios in the forest. The authorities in Norway and Sweden are blamed for illegal reintroducing of wolves in order to create a neo romantic wilderness. The Wolfman holds evidence of the illegal act, but he will not publicize this until after his death. The Wolfman has concealed his identity for 20 years, but people are eager to prove the truth about the wolves. Marthe Thorshaug hits the road in search for The Wolfman…


In THE WOLFMAN, I travel through remote areas in Norway and Sweden, in search for signs of illegal wolves, witnesses and the mysterious Wolfman.

The film`s point of departure, is the still ongoing confrontation between the authorities and the underground activity claiming illegal reintroduction of wolves in Norway and Sweden. The debate has developed into a conspiracy with references to modern mythology.

In the film, it is difficult to know when the documentary veers into the realm of fiction. The blurred boundary is a reflection over the power of images, and how the writing of history, truth, propaganda and myths are all intertwined.

In THE WOLFMAN it is unclear what witnesses actually have seen, and when their imagination takes over. The wolf becomes a victim for people`s imaginations and desires. Eventually, the wolf transforms into an enemy and personal threat. The “Wolfman” appears as a mythical character, holding the final truth and evidence of the illegal reintroduction.

Behind the scenes - The Wolfman